Saturday, March 25, 2017

Update 25.03.17

The warmap system has received a complete rework and is now available in it's new shape. 
- Move/Attack command is replaced by "Action", with which you can move within range or directly attack enemies within range.
- New visual of all stats and bonuses before you attack.
- Instead of the attacker making the damage before the enemy, the attacker now gains an attack bonus, but takes full damage from the enemy as well.
- Attacking a unit which isn't directly next to you will move your unit to it before attacking.
- Ranged units (Archers and mages) can't counterattack or be counterattacked. Also they can attack 1-2 tiles far, but can't move anymore after attacking. Their attacks can't go over impassable tiles or any units, to attack enemies behind.
- Attack animation are now visible when units fight.
- Turn over button was replaced by a turn over option on every unit you have.
- Visual of the unit counts in the bottom left corner and day value in the top center of the map have been removed. 
- All forces are now small groups of units instead of boxes.
- Enemies now prioritise to attack units which they're strong against.
- Units can't attack more than once per turn.
- Balancing changes, all units have higher base defense values
- Changed the map around the tower slightly and the positioning of the enemies, in order to make things more open instead of clumped into single tiles.

- Several other bugs have been fixed. One of them was Grey appearing in Sandra's treasure dungeon events, even if he was already transformed 
- I added a Yanfly plugin for the shop screen, so that you can see more details about items and compare it with all party members. 
For comparison, here is what the previous system looked like:
General news: 
- Some people reported problems, which were possibly caused by files missing in one of the earlier "update files only". I recommend to download the full game version, to have a new start and be certain to have all files. 
 - Make sure to check out the "Tournament of fame" at my patreon page ( We're currently in the fourth round of voting the favorite characters in 1on1 battles. 
Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --

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  1. The archer require an new skin on the battlefield, there are way to similiar to the normal soldiers.