Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tournament of fame - Round 1 Group 1

Today starts the new Tournament of fame, where everyone can vote on their favorite character between two options. Like a normal tournament, the winner will move on and later fight against another winner.

Here you can see the first round for all groups:

Given the huge amount of characters, the polls will go 2 days for one entire group during the first round.
For group 1 you can vote on:

Battle A - Irinlia vs Elly

In the first battle of the tournament, Irinlia, the succubus from Millwater, has to compete against our gunslinger Elly. Will the succubus be able to steal your hearts (and votes), or will Elly prove the power of a main heroine over a side character? You decide!

Battle B - Sandra vs Mirel

Stabbing on close range, or shooting arrows from a safe distance? Pragmatic or honorable? These two girls have a lot of differences, but which one managed to impress you more?

Battle C - Vampire vs Mira

Good against evil. But no matter what they say, deep down we all know they don’t really hate each other.

Battle D - Chiyo vs Kayelinth

The battle of our youngsters. Despite Kayelinth’s real age being far from that of a child, those two surely are the most "childish" characters we’ve in our group. But the important question is, which of them do you like more?

The voting takes place on my patreon page. You can find the group 1 polls here:

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