Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Progress report 9

The movement system for the warmap has been improved. Instead of getting an up/down/left/right choice for each step, you can now pick directly on the map where you want to move the unit. The options are limited to the amount of action points the unit has and recognize obstacles in the way, giving you only the tiles as option where you can walk to.
The system can easily be used on other maps, so you can expect new warmaps in the near future, once I've managed to polish the battle system as well.

In an attempt to bring the community of this game closer together, I made a forum and discord server. The chat in the discord server should make bugreports and solving problems faster, while you can post lengthy suggestions or exchange your thoughts on the game in the forum.

With the discord server, the "Skype contact" reward for patreon pledges becomes irrelevant. Expect this reward to change, once I have a good idea for an alternative reward. Feel free to comment or post ideas for new pledge or milestone rewards.


  1. I'm looking forward to new warmaps, there can be an nice change of pace.

    I'm still not sure about the balancing of the team. I'm testing our pink haired mage with an new playtrough and she doesn't seem to be worthy ._. ALso the red ogre in the tower is something you can run an to early.

    I also noted that the guards still try to watch over our "daughter" after she grow up.

    The artist category could need an update, thanks to the new artists. By the way, will they find an way into the game too? Like the triangle of art.

    And yes, I'm still here, lurking and looking out for ya.

    1. Nice to see you're still around. :)

      I'm currently slowly adding new enemies with different elements, trying to make changing your team more important to deal with their different strength and weaknesses. Hopefully this will improve the balancing between the characters some more. :)

      I fixed their dialog, they'll give you a different useless reply now, after you obtain your "daughter". ;)

      You're right, I should've added them a long time ago. >.< I don't have any plans at the moment, to add them into the game. But obviously it can happen any time.

    2. Also the vegetables you feed to Kaylinth so she can grow doesn't disappear from the inventory.