Friday, March 17, 2017

Update 17.03.17

 The new version 17.03.17 is up! 
- You can now torture Lace after capturing her. Her Health and Mind value regenerates over time, so the entire process will take a while and requires you to leave and come back later several times. 
- Lace scene can be replayed from the prison in a slightly different version or in the original version from the CG selection screen. The CG of the scene has a total of 7 different versions.
- Kayelinth' hunger and playlust now increase over time while she is in your group. Hunger causes a 50% stat debuff if too high and can be decreased with Vegetables or Meat. Playlust makes Kayelinth auto-attack in battle once it's too high and requires the new present item Toys to decrease it or a new event, which is available at the sleeping chamber after the new event together with Chiyo. (Toys can be bought at Havaria port and Whitestone citadel.)
- A new event with Kayelinth and Chiyo will start when entering Chiyo's room with playlust over 80 and Chiyo's first scene already seen. (Obviously you also need both as party member)
- After the event of both girls together, Chiyo's second CG scene will be available by talking with her in her room with 70+ relationship.
- The Sara + Kunoichi scene has received a CG. The scene can be replayed in the cellar of Sara's house, even if you've already seen it. Afterwards it becomes available in the CG selection screen as well.
- New movementsystem for unit inside of the warmap.

Download the newest version at: 
-- Mediafire --  
-- MEGA --

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