Saturday, May 20, 2017

Renryuu game review by WhiteSerenity

A while ago, WhiteSerenity wrote me a long mail with feedback and some questions about the game Renryuu. At my request, he made a review version of this mail, to post it here now. Maybe this'll be interesting to people, who haven't played the game yet. 
WhiteSerenity’s Review:
I think Renryuu: Ascension is an extremely good game and I loved how forward it was with the nudity. Most 18+ games that have a nudity or a sexual related tag are usually either based on sex with a terrible plot or it’s a great game but you have to wait quite a while before anything pornoghraphic is shown. 
This game blends both plot and nudity in a wonderful way. It feels like the sex is actually a part of the story, instead of it either being something that can only be accessed by earning it or the nudity being blatantly thrown in your face. The only time that Renryuu: Ascension threw the hentai in my face was at the very beginning, but that was also surprising because most hentai games with good plot like this generally won’t give you any easily obtainable CG’s or sex scenes without making you complete a difficult task. And I doubt anyone is going to complain about a free sexy CG. I also like how each sex scene has a story with a different location every time. I felt like I was playing the game for both the story and nudity, rather than forcing myself through a bad plot for some sex scenes.
Renryuu: Ascension was very detailed. I found myself going to every location at least 10 times to make sure I didn't miss anything. When I was close to finishing the game, after completing the main story I referred to the walkthrough to make sure I collected every CG and completed every quest because of how much there is to do. There may be some people who may or may not like having to return to every area of the game again and again, but I enjoyed the game so it didn’t feel like a hassle; And sexy/cute hentai girl CG’s around every corner was good  enough motivation for me ;).
In my opinion, the drawings of the sex acts were very different in how well they were drawn. I am not saying that I think there were some created with less effort, I just feel that some were better than the others. I still loved every drawing in the game because they were drawn satisfyingly well. Two of my favorite CG’s were the very first scene with Tsubaki (damn that was hot and unexpected. I hit “New Game” and *boom* Tsubaki’s voluptuous tits were in my face) and the scene with Lace. Having a full view of a hot hentai chick is awesome but I’ve never been a huge fan of missionary, so pulling her up with chains to see everything was arousing. 
With so many characters it’s great to see that they all have their own individual personalities. I have seen some similarities, but they all feel like they are their own person. Three of my favorite characters are Ryoko, Elly and Kayelinth because their personalities are so openly expressed. Ryoko with her constant need for orders which may be seen as annoying to some, but I see it as cute and endearing. Elly with her overflowing amounts of passion and honest love for Ryen. She’s a perfect example of a deredere. I don’t hate tsunderes and if they are done right they can be awesome and adorable, but they’ve been used so many times that I want to see other dere’s being explored, especially deredere and coodere. And Kayelinth being the most adorable character (in my opinion) in the game, with her inexperience with intercourse and her constant obvious and lovable need to eat and play. I definitely didn’t expect the dragon I was feeding to become a hot naked girl. I’m into anthropomorphic furries, but dragon girls and shark girls are quite rare compared to cat girls and dog girls, so I was pretty happy when Kayelinth appeared. 
I also love the music in this game. The main harmony for when Ryen and the rest of the group are walking across the map was perfect. I would definitely describe it as adventurous. Some of it reminds me of this game made for the ps2 called Nier. Like the music played when you enter the Fision Tower, which I absolutely LOVE! It’s soothing and peaceful, yet beautiful and mysterious. 
There are quite a few grammatical errors in both the walkthrough and game, but it really doesn't bother me at all. I’m not the type of person to let some misspelled/misplaced words ruin a game for me. The only games that I think should have complete grammatical correctness would be million/billion dollar game companies.
My Overall Rating
I played this game for 29:51:59. Within the first 20 minutes of playing I rated it a 4/5 and after completing the game I changed it to a 5/5. I look forward to playing the rest of the game and to any future games that Naughty-Netherpunch may make.