Monday, May 8, 2017

Streaming on

I'm going to stream on from now on, beside the irregular streams on, so that I can make more regular streams even when working on mature content, since Picarto allows for streams with such content.
The first stream on will be tonight at 23:30 pm CEST (which should be 17:30 EDT, if I'm not mistaken. :D )
If you're interested in watching streams of my work on Renryuu, make sure to leave a follow and you'll get a notification when I go online again. 
Streams on twitch can be seen at

On a side note, the polls for the last 6 characters in the Tournament of fame will continue on Wednesday at Make sure to drop by and leave your vote!


  1. I already have 2 katryx sword and equiped it and still zero damage to her.

    1. While the katryx blade is equiped, Ryen can use the skill "Armor crushing", which you need to use in order to break Lace's armor.