Monday, May 29, 2017

Update 17.05.29

The version 17.05.29 is online and contains:
- New mummy girl enemies in the Dhranholl mine.
- New event with Grey, Elly and the Dark Sorceress. Starts with Grey at the sleeping chambers, after you’ve done the previous events for the three girls.
- The dialog of Sir Edward was changed. Most building options are now on the country overview map. For his quest, you need to use the "Talk" choices with him, which will disappear once the quest is done.
- New battle on the warmap.
- Laboratory can now switch between normal and warmap researches.
- New buildings and changes on the warmap.
- Negative production now uses resources from the storage and shuts off production when not enough resources are available.
- Buildings constructed on the overview map also appear on the worldmap, but have no interaction on the worldmap.
- The first battle on the warmap will now only be available when you’re told about it by the general, who doesn’t appear until you’ve freed Vampire.

Known issues:
- Warmap is still not done. A lot of resources don’t have a use and the balancing is probably off.
- New events aren’t spellchecked yet.

Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire --  -- MEGA --

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