Monday, May 15, 2017

Update 17.05.15

The new update is done and contains:

- A new scene with the fire spirit in the south dungeon in Central.
- 3 new quests from Flaire at the thieves guild below Thremten. The third quest has 5 different ways to solve the problem, 4 of these are optional and hidden if you haven’t met the necessary person for it yet.
- Some small balancing changes.
- Dialogs from the last update were spellchecked and corrected now.

General news: 
Tomorrow, Tuesday 16. May 2017, the grand final of the Tournament of Fame will beginn at 
Only Tsubaki, Vampire and Kurohime are left! Everyone will have only one vote, so the choice won’t be easy, but the last girl standing after this poll will be the winner of the entire Tournament!

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire -- 
-- MEGA --


  1. Are you going to continue the main story soon?

    1. Not in the next few updates, but obviously I want to continue it. I assume it'll get done a bit further next month again.